About Us

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Ivey-Frank Design was set up by industrial designer Sabine Ivey-Frank in 2004 after many years working in industry and consulting.

Sabine's design degree from a world-leading design school - the Royal College of Art in London - and her roots in Mechanical engineering have given her a passion for concurrent design and engineering. She likes to challenge the borderlines of the technically feasible with her designs while at the same time looking at new developments in manufacturing and how they can be turned into exciting new products.

Through her long experience in the glass industry, she has become an expert in that field and helps clients all over the world to design successfull glass and porcelain lines. Equally companies turn to her, whenever they have challenging designs, which they need advice on how and where to manufacture.

Although this website mainly shows the glass and porcelain projects Ivey-Frank Design has recently worked on, the company has expertise and experience in many areas, for example in consumer products, aircraft design, telecommunications and medical equipment.

When a new project starts, we call on our network of international designers and engineers in order to assemble the perfect team for the job at hand.